Dog Training

Dog Training

With years of experience trainers, are here for all your dog training needs. From puppy training, to behavioral problems, to dog aggressive dogs, they can help you out with whatever training your dog may need.

Our Training approach is based on the Four Pillar of Success :

-Timing, motivation, criteria, and rate of reinforcement – these are the cornerstones of our dog training philosophy. With these four elements in perfect harmony, your dog will not only excel but will also have a blast during their training sessions. Our trainers focus on creating an enriching and enjoyable learning experience, ensuring that your pup remains engaged, excited, and ready to conquer new challenges.

-Training Tailored to You:
At Northshore Dogtown, we understand that each dog is a unique individual. That’s why we take the time to understand your goals and expectations as a pet parent. Whether you’re aiming to address behavioral issues, master obedience commands, or simply enhance your pup’s social skills, our trainers will craft a customized dog training plan that aligns with your aspirations and your dog’s comfort zone

-Embracing All Temperaments:                                                                                                   No matter the temperament, we embrace them all! Our experienced trainers have worked with a wide range of personalities, and they’re well-equipped to adapt their techniques to suit the specific needs of your furry friend. Our environment encourages positive growth and fosters a strong bond between you and your pup.                        

•Includes six training sessions using a food reward to help set the foundation for basic obedience, as well as building confidence. This training is purely positive. 

•Includes six sessions focusing on leash or e-collar training/behavioral modification. Training will vary based on the specific needs of each dog. 

•Includes a customized training session to address specific concerns. The training tools necessary will vary.

•Condensed version of the two week board and train program. Session and tools included in price.

Comprehensive training program with intensive training and real-life exposure. Session and tools included in the price.

Training program approval is based on a temperament evaluation with the head trainer. Please note that the day training packages will not include training tools. The tools used in all training programs are listed below. 

  • Slip lead
  • Prong collar
  • Mini educator e-collar 
  • Long line leash

Service benefits

Networking: Enhanced connections.
Socialization: Improved interactions.
Convenience: Time-saving solutions.
Expertise: Skilled professionals.
Community: Engaged pet owners.

Dogtown: Where tail-wagging fun meets exceptional care for your furry best friend!


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